Information on Stone Door Backpacking Trip

Hey guys!

Here’s some more info about the Backpack at Stone Door.

We meet @ Gils Friday, March 30 @ 5:30 PM and drive to Stone Door to camp in the Stone Door camping area Friday night. Eat before the trip. Also bring money in case we hit McDonalds on the way.

We are having two simultaneous backpacks, one longer and more difficult than the other. Although we plan two different backpack routes, both will end up together at Alum Gap for Troop camping Saturday night. Sunday morning we all hike back to Stone Door area and head for home.

Note that backpackers carry everything they need for the campout. This may be a challenge for some. Planning is necessary. We will discuss packing details and equipment to carry at our next Troop meeting.

We need at least two adults for each backpack group. Let me know if you can lead. Each participant is responsible for his own meals on this event, so bring appropriate backpacking food, preparation equipment & knowledge. Less experienced backpackers may want to buddy with more experienced and share meal planning and preparation.


Jimmy P., Senior Patrol Leader

Mrs. Valerie added the following:


 This means pack foods that you can easily carry in and out because you pack it in you pack it out! Remember that if your food will require cooking to make sure you bring your backpacking stove. I personally think that this short of a trip we could do without cooking foods but, again that is my own personal choice and you should do what is best for your individual needs. Another thing that’s good to remember, make sure you bring enough food for the amount of calories you will need personally for each day of the trip. Just some notes there!


Ms. Valerie

And Mrs. Lynn suggests:

Pop Tarts and a pack of precooked, vacuum sealed bacon are delicious on Sunday  morning. The bacon does not have to be kept cold. In fact, it tastes pretty good at “room” temps.

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