Summer Camp Info

Greetings Scouts & Families.
As we approach Spring Break this is a good time to prepare for Scout Summer Camp in June.  This can be a GREAT time to get an updated physical on any Scouts AND adults that will be attending Summer Camp.
ALL (Scouts & Adults – no matter how long you will be staying) attending Summer Camp will need:
1.  Medical Form Part A & B (filled out by you) AND Part C (to be completed by a physician in the last 12 months).   The physical can be accomplished by your regular doctor or at a walk-in clinic.  For example: Kroger or CVS.  Most offer physicals for around $25.00
2.  Copy of current insurance card.
3.  Current immunizations section must be completed on the form or attached, such as a print out from your regular doctor.
4.  For those that carry an EpiPen or other medications carried for allergic/asthmatic conditions, need to fill out an additional form (please request one from Dawn).
Deadline for these documents is Monday, May 15, 2017.
Medical forms are in the documents tab on the website. The form is called “BSA Medical Form”
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