Scouts Enjoy Summer Camp at Boxwell

We are very proud of our 24 Summer Camp Scouts, they had a busy time this year. Most Scouts had 5 or 6 hours a day of classes. Eight of our 1st year Boy Scouts took Basketry, Leatherwork, First Aid and 3 hours of Greenbar, completing all but a small portion of Leatherwork. The basket kits were much improved from recent years and our Scouts really enjoyed this class. Bonnie S. instructed First Aid merit badge.

Our older Scouts mostly took Shooting Sports including Shotgun (trap), Rifle (bench rest with open sights) and NRA Light Rifle Qualifying (bench rest with a scope). While many of our Scouts proved to be great shooters, Dale excelled at shooting Trap, Bryce K. shot the best groupings in Rifle, and Bradley C. earned Distinguished Expert in NRA. This is Pat Deugaw’s last year instructing NRA, so we are glad Bradley took advantage of it.

Bradley K, Brian and Jordan completed Basic COPE, an amazing course. Brian, CJ and Bradley K. also completed Small Boat Sailing; Collin completed Canoeing. Dale and Clayton completed Swimming. Jarrod completed BSA Lifeguard and did the Mile Swim, wow.

Taylor and Bryce K both worked on 5 merit badges.

Numerous activities were available after classes. At Monday Madness we entered 2 teams to play Dodgeball in the newly constructed Coliseum. CJ and Jimmy ran a mile cross country, biked 3 miles cross country, then swam 50 yards to complete their Triathlon. The Critter Crawl had 18 entries run in two heats, no wagering please. Wild About Wildlife displayed 2 owls, a possum, and various reptiles. Those who listened could hear a Barred Owl each night from camp. There were 3 Stahlman campfires during the week plus we had our own each night in camp.

Kory lead Christian and Austin for flag raising Thursday morning.

Noah F. had a visit from Dehydration Man.

Thomas, Jimmy & Bradley K participated in OA Brotherhood ceremony.

Our Camp week was unusually hot. We had 3 major rain storms with high winds, 2 causing enough concern that we took shelter in the dining hall rather than risk getting hit by falling branches. Making good use of our shelter time, we developed a party atmosphere playing cards and games ’til the threat subsided.

Link to Photos

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