Wa-Hi-Nasa’s Contingent

We currently have around 180 people registered from our lodge! Can we increase this amount? We need your help to get Arrowmen in your troop and chapter to the event! Invite them to come! Carpool! Friends don’t let friends miss out on Conclave! How many people will you recruit to come to Conclave? Send them the link to register at registration.oasection6.org.


2nd Workday!


This Saturday, April 22nd, we have a few tasks that we need to finish up to help get camp ready for Conclave. We will meet at the Stahlman Dining Hall at 8AM on Saturday morning ready to work. If you can please bring: work gloves, weed-eater, and leaf blower if you have any of these tools.


We have some needs


Conclave requires a lot of resources and we have a few needs that are not at camp:


  • 10 Pop-up tents (tailgating tents)
  • 6 Large Open Air Tents (“Carport Size”)
  • 8 Electric Grills/Griddles


Would you be willing to donate some of these items to be used for the weekend? Guidelines for donation are as follows: Please put your name, troop, and phone number on the donated item. This can be directly on the item/box or on a large piece of tape. Items can be dropped off at the OA Lodge on the morning of Saturday April 22nd or on Friday April 28th. Pick up will be on Sunday morning of Conclave. Please email matthew.brown218@yahoo.com if you can provide any of these items.


Kitchen Crew: The kitchen needs our help!


Want to eat great food at this event? Well, we also need people to help cook. Would you be willing to volunteer for one shift in the kitchen to help prepare and cook two of our meals? We’ve developed a great system to help spread the work out, we just need willing members to accept the call to service. Please email Kitchen Adviser Bill Gregory at gregory.william@comcast.net to help.

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