Popcorn Sales



The time for popcorn sales is coming up fast.  This is one of the best funding sources for your scout’s camping costs and fees.  Scouts keep approximately 35% of the commission for sales plus divide 100% of donations collected at show & sales.  This adds up to lots of money in scout accounts for those who participate.


For a troop our size, this project requires lots of parent help.  We need you, yes you to help out.  Laura Wright and I are currently booking locations for show & sales and will be attending popcorn training at the council very soon.  We need people to help set up show and sell’s, to pickup and deliver boxes of popcorn, and to help manage the little details that make a difference between a great sale and a mediocre one.


We are not asking for a year long commitment, just acknowledgement that you have some time on the weekends to help with show and sell’s.  Or, if you have more time, join us for training and consider serving as chair or co chair to help set up and manage inventory and delivery.


All of our scout’s success depends on your help.  Please contact Tina Kape to volunteer or for more information.  desertgirl322@yahoo.com or call/text 602-616-4163


Thank you,


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  1. Thankyou Scott for all you and local Troop 422 does for our community.

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