Summer Camp Pick up info

6/15/16 From our Troop Scout Master Scott Nodine.
We are just over halfway of our week at summer camp and it is time to start preparing for scouts to return on Friday June 17th.

If you could please let me know by tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) by email to , your plans to either pick your scout up from camp or to wait till the troop returns Friday night will be much appreciated.   Be sure to include your Scout’s name in the email 🙂

Scouts may leave camp after the troop gear is loaded following afternoon classes. We would expect to have troop and scout gear packed and loaded by flag lowering @ 6:15 pm.

Parents/siblings may purchase a meal ticket at check in at the Cripple Crab and eat with scouts @ 6:25 pm. All are encouraged to stay for closing campfire ceremony. For those waiting for scouts to return to the scout church for pick up, you can tentatively plan for 9-10 pm for the troop return.
Yours In Scouting
Scott Nodine, Scoutmaster

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