A Few Announcements

There are some announcements we need to send out since we did not get the opportunity to meet last week. I will bullet point them below.
Little Caesar Pizza forms. We have started selling Little Caesar pizza kits. The funds from the sale go directly to the scouts account. Mrs. Endsley indicated in her email she would be at the scout church this evening from 630 to 7pm if anyone wanted forms this week. Deadline to turn in is February 29th.
Also we will be selling camp cards soon. Please be on the lookout for that communication coming out soon.
 Sign up Genius will go out today for the Natchez Trace Campout. We ask everyone respond no later than the 29th, if you are coming or not. This will be a one night trip to Meriwether Lewis Campground. We will meet Saturday morning and return Sunday.
Going forward, we will not ask if anyone has an announcement during meetings. If you have something that needs to be communicated please send it to Brandon Sudbury @ seniorpatrol0422@gmail.com and myself by Thursday each week. We will get them added to the parent flyer for each Monday’s meeting.
Hopefully you all have seen emails from the scout leadership in the troop. We are using this to hopefully make communication easier within the patrols.
For adults, University of Scouting is March 19th. Deadline to register is March 7th
We have added Advancement Time at the end of each meeting. This gives scouts the opportunity to get items signed off in their book or merit badge time with a counselor each week if it cannot be done during a meeting.
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