Important info about our recharter

Troop 422 will be rechartering on December 1.  If you do not wish to do so, please send Kevin King an email asking not to register for 2016.  The fees are listed below and we expect your scout account to have funds to cover this cost.  We will make an attempt to contact you if your account balance is insufficient for registration before making the decision not to register you for 2016.

Recharter fee for Boy Scouts:
Council $24
Troop dues $36
Boys Life $12
Insurance $1
Total $73

Recharter fee for Leaders:
Council $24
Insurance $1
Total $25

Also, no adult may charter or re-charter without a current youth protection. To aid in this, we will conduct a youth protection class in the sanctuary next meeting on Nov. 30th. The class will be the online class ran by Mr. Fisher, all who sign up and attend will be credited with the training. I strongly encourage all to participate. Knowing the guidelines of youth protection is valuable in situations other than scouting as well. I look forward to seeing everyone there. 

Thank you!

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