Skymont Campout November 20-22

It’s time to start thinking about our next campout at Skymont.  Here is the link for the reservation so you can learn more about Skymont   Skymont Reservation

Cold Weather Troop Camping  We need to plan for COLD WEATHER camping, this is MUCH different than our spring and summer camping so start making plans now to acquire the correct gear for camping.  The link above has a good checklist to follow.  Be thinking about a warmer sleeping bag, Example @ Walmart,  a fleece blanket, stocking hat (worn while sleeping), warm socks (not cotton), hand and foot warmer packs (Walmart, academy, amazon), two sets of footwear, warm winter coat.  We need to stay away from Cotton clothing as it absorbs and holds moisture and that makes you very cold, especially at night.

Also, Scouts need to be organized and plan what merit badges they will work on while on this campout (book, merit badge worksheet etc…).  We should be taking advantage of the opportunity to work on and complete merit badge requirements.   This will be a big campout and we had a BLAST last year.

We also would like to have some more parents come on this campout, it’s a great time to get away for the weekend and enjoy time with your Scout and other great parents.

Watch soon for the signup genius info…

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