Popcorn Sign-Up

Hello Troop!
Boy Scout Popcorn Sales will be starting very soon!  This is an opportunity for your Scout to sell popcorn & earn money for his Scout Account, to pay for Summer Camp or other Troop activities.  The Show & Sell dates are when the Scouts (and Adults) will be setting up, outside of a Smyrna or Murfreesboro business, to sell popcorn.  
A very important date for your calendar is:  Monday, August 24th at 6:30pm during the Troop meeting.  This meeting will include the Official Popcorn Kick-Off, as well as a Parent meeting.  This is the chance for parents to learn how popcorn sales work, how to earn money, how to maximize the opportunities and to ask questions. 
There are two Sign-Up Geniuses included.  Please view both.
1.  This sign up is for some needed supplies to make the Show & Sell locations run smoothly.  Do you have a pop-up canopy or a table to loan to the troop?  Would you be willing to help deliver some popcorn and help out the dedicated Co-Chairs?
2.  This sign up is for the actual Show & Sell dates and locations at the various local businesses. 
For additional questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Treanor at donna.treanor@yahoo.com OR Mrs. Kape at desertgirl322@yahoo.com.
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