Skymount camp out this weekend!

Scouts & parents, it’s going to be COLD on this campout.  Ben B. will have an email going out by tomorrow with more details.

PLEASE be sure you have proper cold weather gear, stocking hat, gloves, warm socks, boots, jackets, sweat shirts etc….  Think layers!  Hand warmers for your sleeping bag at night and a COLD WEATHER RATED Sleeping bag, 0-20 degrees would be ideal.  You can find all this gear at Walmart, Academy, Dicks Sporting Goods etc…

You can also add a fleece blanket to your sleeping bag for extra warmth.  And a mat or cot to be off the cold ground helps too.

Be sure your Scout knows he’ll need to change to clean dry clothes every night for sleeping, wearing clothes worn during the day will have sweat trapped in them and you will be COLD COLD COLD.

We’re going to have a great time, remember, a Scout is always prepared!

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