BSA Health and Medical Forms

Healthy Greetings, Scouts and Parents!

Two forms needing your immediate attention, please…

1. Your Scout needs to have an Annual BSA Health & Medical Form on file with the Scout troop. This is for your son’s safety & to help leaders assist him as needed. It’s also to be in compliance with Boy Scout regulations.

The Annual BSA Health & Medical Form – Part A, B, and C is due by May 15th. This is for all active Scouts. If your son is going to Summer Camp, June 9 – 15. He MUST be current in order to attend camp.

Please include:

1. Form Part A, B, and C. Found under “documents” at the top of the web page. “BSA Medical Form”

2. Copy of current vaccination record

3. Copy of current insurance card

Parts A & B are to be filled out by a parent/caregiver. Part C is the physical exam by the physician.

**If your son’s yearly physical is due after the May 15th date and is regulated by your insurance coverage, PLEASE let me know.**

**If your son had a physical that is current in the last 12 months, please send it to the physician to complete.**

2. Permanent Camp, Tour, Trip or Activity Permit needs to be filled out by all parents immediately. Found at the top of the web page. Documents. “Troop 422 Permission slip”

Please print out and send with your Scout to a meeting.

If any information, health or parent contact information changes between our yearly requirements, please notify myself or Scott Nodine, so we can have the most current and helpful information for your Scout.

Many thanks!

Dawn B.

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