The Scoutmasters Minute

Scoutmaster’s Minute

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Scoutmaster’s Minute. The intent of this publication is to bring the Parents and the Troop Committee “up to speed;” with what’s going on in the Troop and PLC. It is my intent to produce a publication at minimum quarterly, if not monthly.
A Scout is Reverent each in his own way.
I wanted to share with you some recent events. As some of you may know, our Troop table tops are getting in rough shape. I went to the Home Depot in Smyrna and asked for a donation of materials to replace the tops. Without batting an eye, the store manager told me to get what was needed. This is a relatively small donation in the grand scheme of things, just under a $100.
Winter Camporee had the best participation in a camping outing since Summer Camp 2011. Just under half the Troop attended the alternate backpack trip.
We have 2 to as many as 5 Cub Scouts coming to our Troop from Pack 1001. We have 5 new scouts from Pack 54. . One has even made the decision to drive from Donelson to attend Troop 422. Four are already registered for Summer Camp. Four new scouts are joining from Pack 432 and also have registered for Summer Camp.
There are a number of other good things going on in Patrols. Scouts are learning to lead and take on responsibility. They are also developing teaching skills. Troop Leadership is developing.
With these events in mind, I can’t help but believe God is blessing our Troop. I pray that our Scouts receive His blessings and learn to walk the straight and narrow. “Scouts are reverent….”. I ask each of you to pray for, or to continue praying for our Scouts. They all face a great number of challenges in our world today. Also remember the adult leaders in the Troop that they continue to set a good example for our Scouts.
In close, thank you all for your dedication to scouting. I look forward to where our journey will take us and hope we all remember to enjoy ourselves along the way.

Yours in Scouting
Scott Nodine

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