Eagle Scout Nick Fowler Earns Honors at The Naval Academy

Midshipman Nick Fowler in New York CityMidshipman Nick Fowler, an Eagle Scout and alumnus of Troop 422, has been listed on The Naval Academy’s Superintendent’s List for his performance during the fall semester.  To earn this achievement, Nick had to meet the following requirements:

  • have an SQPR of at least 3.4 with no grade of D, F, or I in any course
  • an A in Conduct
  • an A in Military Performance
  • an A or B in Physical Education and A or B in Physical Readiness Test

Nick is the son of Tom and Lisa Fowler.  While a scout with Troop 422, Nick served as Senior Patrol Leader.  For his Eagle project, he built an outdoor classroom for Cedar Grove Elementary School, and earned his Eagle badge on October 19, 2006.  Nick’s younger brother Matt Fowler is also an Eagle Scout.

According to his mother, Nick got to choose his roommates after his freshmen year.  He has two roommates and both of them are Eagle Scouts.  There is an “Eagle Club” at the Academy.  Nick does not get to participate often because he is on the rowing team, but he has given Scout Tours and participated in other functions.  He was also glad he knew all of the scout knots when he arrived at the Academy!

Mrs. Fowler also shared a lesson Nick learned from the academy.  “Nick also found out how important being a Boy Scout is.  He met someone from New Jersey or New York (I can’t remember) who really wanted to get into the Academy.  It requires a nomination from your Congressman or Senator.  When the guy went for his interview he was asked, “Have you ever been a Boy Scout.”  When he replied “no,” he was told “Have a nice day.”  They would not even consider him for a nomination.  I think since Nick has grown he has really come to understand the importance of being a Boy Scout.”

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