Winter Camporee Photos

Winter Camporee Photos

Winter Camporee was held at Camp Tubb, McMinnville, TN.  The first night it poured on us making the inside of our tents wet. The next day was better because we did our activities, such as burn the string and minute wait. Next we did alligator swamp in which you sit on a platform that is on 4 barrels and push the platform along with sticks. That night we had a bonfire celebration. The Dragon and Cobra patrols placed “superior” and the Phantoms and Predators placed ” expert”. All though the rain washed us out the first night it was a really good camping trip.

David C., Troop 422 Historian

Photos from the Winter Camporee at Camp Tubb, Parrish Scout Reservation near Walling, Tennessee are now in the troop photo album.  The Camporee took place on January 20th through the 22nd, 2012.  Click on the link below to open the album.

Link to Album

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