Winter Camp 2011 Information

We will meet at Gilsville @ 11:30 AM on Tuesday, Dec 27 to transport to Boxwell. Closing campfire is 7:30 PM Friday. Winter Camp for T422 ends with the campfire at 8:30 PM. Parents are welcome to attend the campfire when picking up your Scout. In fact, parents are always welcome to visit anytime during camp. If you would like to join us for a meal, you can buy a meal ticket at the Cripple Crab when you sign in for the visit.

We take our own tents for this event. Scouts are free to chose their own tent buddy.

Prepare for potentially harsh Winter weather. It is important that you are prepared to stay warm and dry. Hiking boots and hiking socks, wool or synthetic, are needed. A warm sleeping bag rated at 15 degrees or colder is recommended. An insulating pad is needed to go beneath the sleeping bag.

It is best to dress in layers that can be removed and added during the day. Bring a warm hat. Don’t forget rain gear. Lightly insulated nylon pants, ski pants, are suggested.

Cotton socks, sneakers and blue jeans tend to get wet and stay wet for days, making the camper cold and miserable in harsh, cold weather.

Restrooms are heated, kinda, and hot water is available for showers, usually.

Hot Hands chemical hand warmers are beneficial.

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