Tuesday Family Night at Camp

Hello everyone,

Just to recap our plans for Tuesday night at camp with our scouts. On Tuesday night each family bring a dessert for the boys to share. We will meet around dinner time 5ish at camp site 11 at Stahlman. Check in at the Cripple Crab and go on down to the site. If you want to eat with your son in the dining hall you can buy a dinner pass for the evening at the Cripple Crab when you get there, just be there by dinner time. After Sunday check-in you will know the time they eat.

The best deserts are ones they can eat with their hands like cookies or brownies but it doesn’t matter. Ricky Greer is getting plates and napkins. He is also getting the drinks for the occassion. Is there anyone that could bring a cooler with ice? I will get the cups to use. Bring your chairs to sit at camp while visiting. Please email me with questions and happy packing.

Pam Hammond

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