Summer Camp 2011 Last Word

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Hello Troop 422,

Our Troop is attending BSA Summer Camp at the Boxwell Reservation from June 12th til June 18th. We will stay in our traditional site 11 of Camp Stahlman in provided tents on platforms with cots and mattresses, 2 Scouts to a tent (typically). Three hot meals are provided each full camp day. Dinner is the only meal provided Sunday. Our Troop provides on site adult leadership throughout the week.

We will meet at Gils in Smyrna Sunday, June 12th, at 12:30 PM to load our Scout footlockers in the trailer and head to Boxwell. Please eat lunch first. We will need transportation for 26 Scouts, pitch in if you can. Families are welcome to stay awhile at Boxwell to assist setup operations and may attend our Opening Campfire at 8:30 PM if they would like.

In accordance with BSA requirements, any participant without a fully completed health form and copy of an insurance card will not be allowed to remain at camp or participate in any events until the health form is completed.

Directions to Boxwell:

Summer Camp is all about Fun, with a Purpose. The standards of the Scout Oath and Scout Law are the rules governing Scout behavior. We expect all our Scouts to be respectful of others.

We discourage cell phones, iPods, and other electronic distractions. We prefer to see our Scouts active; swimming, sailing, rowing, fishing, canoeing, shooting, learning Scout skills, making new friends, etc. There is so much to do.

Sunday I saw some of the new Rifles we have for our Scouts to shoot. Really neat, high quality rifles, some with accurate peep sites, some with neon open sights, all adjustable. And we now offer more targets than just the paper bullseye type, plinking is available, too. Don’t forget that recreational shooting is available to all Scouts during free time including archery, rifles, shotguns and muzzleloaders (black powder rifles).

The marina docks have been rebuilt. New waterfront activities are offered like Walk the Plank and Paddle boarding. And we can play Dodgeball, even at night. Our Pool nights are Tuesday and Thursday for free swim.

Summer Camp officially ends Saturday morning, June 18th, by 10 AM. However, all of our Troop 422 Scouts will be released Friday evening around 9 PM after the Campfire. They will already be packed for home. Families are welcome to visit Friday afternoon, attend our Closing Campfire, and provide transportation home for their Scout after the campfire. If your Scout needs to leave before the Closing Campfire, please notify our Troop Summer Camp leadership your schedule. Please make sure your Scout and his equipment have transportation home Friday evening.

Attached please find the Parent Information Sheet of items needed and not allowed at Summer Camp. This is the same list handed out many weeks ago.

Also attached you will find another copy of the recently distributed Summer Camp @ Boxwell checklist to help in packing for Summer Camp.

For those Scouts taking COPE (Jimmy, Collin, and Thomas) please find attached a release letter. Please print, fill out, and bring to Summer Camp.

Families are welcome to visit their Scout anytime during our Camp week. Meal tickets can be purchased at the Cripple Crab near the Boxwell entrance if you would like to join your Scout for a meal. Make sure all visitors check in and out at the Cripple Crab to get a visitor’s pass. Please remember that our Scouts have a busy schedule throughout the week.

Thank all of you for your participation and support of Summer Camp.

Mike Paris

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