Summer Camp Signup Info

It’s time for Summer Camp registration and class selection! There are many Summer Camp opportunities for every Scout to do,something fun, something new, make new friends, and to work on Scout rank advancement. Archery, Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzle Loading, Boating, Waterskiing, Swimming, Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Log Rolling, Dodgeball, COPE, Fishing, Climbing, Rappelling, Rowing, Disc Golf, and Wilderness Survival are just some of the activities available this year — plus more than 40 merit badges are offered.

There are a few deadlines closing in quickly, that need your response. We only have one regular troop meeting this month, which isn’t until 3/28/11. The troop is also meeting next Monday, March 14, for our quarterly Court of Honor. This will be a good time to take care of some of this, so please be there.

Troop 422 is attending BSA summer camp at Boxwell Reservation from June 12th until June 18th. We will stay in our traditional campsite, Camp Stahlman Site 11 — in provided tents on platforms with cots and mattresses, 2 Scouts to a tent. Three hot meals are served each full camp day. The Troop provides on-site adult leadership throughout the week. Leaders are encouraged to attend summer camp with our troop, and any registered adult who camps with us for the full week can do so at no cost. Just let me know, if you would like to come along this year!

If your Scout wants to go to Summer Camp — and we really hope he does — please sign him up ASAP. The cost is $185 if we receive your $30 Early Bird deposit by 3/28/11 — saving you $20. Early Bird payments should be given to Sue Redmond or Dawn Jones, our current & upcoming Treasurers. Unless you make the Early Bird $30 deposit by 3/28/11, your son’s camp fee will go up to $205.

In case your Scout wants go but may not be able to for financial reasons, help is available through our Council and perhaps through the Troop. Attached is a lengthy copy of the Camp Leader’s Guide. (Web Administrator Note:In the Main Menu, selectDocuments, then select the Summer Camp 2011 category)  It is not necessary to read all of it! On pages 57 & 58 you will find a Campership Application. Submitting this to council can usually qualify a scout for significant help with the cost of camp. To start the financial assistance process and have your scout considered for a reduced camp fee, you must turn in a completed campership application to Charles King or Kevin King by 3/28/11, and also make the $30 deposit by that date. If you have questions, please bring them to either Charles or Kevin, or see me and I will try to help.

Referring again to the Leaders Guide, on pages 28 to 31 you will find Merit Badge offerings and schedules. Please have your Scout select the badges and the schedule that interests him. First year Scouts should plan to take Greenbar and two merit badges. It is best if all first year Scouts are registered for the same Greenbar — probably Greenbar Second Class — and also attend merit badge classes that are suggested for first-year campers, in groups. I am available to answer any questions you might have.

All Scouts and camping adults must turn in a current, physician-signed medical form to attend Summer Camp. These are good for 12 months. See the separate attachment. (Web Administrator Note:In the Main Menu, select Documents, then select the Summer Camp 2011 category) These must be completed and turned in to the Troop no later than 5/30/11. Keep the originals, and give me only legible copies, signed by your physician. Note that these medical forms are in fillable PDF format, and can be partially filled out before you print them, making them easy to read — and you can also save the completed PDF file, for editing next year. You will see that there are 14 pages to the medical form. For Summer Camp, we only need pages 2, 3 and 4 — but you may want your doctor to sign the other pages in case you or your son might do any High Adventure activities during the next 12 months.

Thank you for your participation,

Mike Paris

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