Summer Camp Info

We will meet at Gilsville at 12:15 on Sunday, 6-7-09 for Summer Camp.  All Scouts should wear Class A, also to be worn during Flag Ceremonies @ Summer Camp.  We plan to break camp and head home Friday evening after Campfire, around 9 PM.  We need help with transportation both to and from camp.  Let us know if you would like to help.

Scout families are welcome to visit during camp.  Be sure and sign in and sign out at the Cripple Crab if you do visit, no sign in required on Sunday check in.  You can purchase a meal ticket and join your Scout at mealtime if you would like, menu attached.  Tuesday we will have a Pizza Party for Scouts and Families at our Campsite # 11 in Stahlman, more info to follow.  NOTE: If coming up for pizza on Tuesday, do not buy a meal ticket.   The troop is providing the pizza, not Boxwell.  Family members should also check out at the Cripple Crab when leaving.

Footlockers should be identified, masking tape attached with the Scout’s name imprinted.

We suggest organizing clothing in large individual ziplock bags each containing clothing for a day.  The ziplock can be reused for dirty clothes.  Don’t forget toiletries, soap, tooth brush and paste, towel, footwear for showering.  No open toed shoes or flip flops are allowed in camp except in the bath house.  Bring a swimsuit, and your Scout Handbook.

Insect repellent, daily tick checks, and daily showers are all part of a sensible approach to Tick defense.  We have 1st camp and despite cutting grass and spraying for ticks, we expect to encounter lots of ticks especially for those who blaze their own trails.  See attachment.

Jimmy, Thomas, Bradley C, Noah F, Bryce G,  & Collin are taking NRA Light Rifle Qualifying and need $14 for that class to be paid at camp.  All other merit badges and classes have been prepaid and materials will be distributed at camp.

All Scouts will probably want to bring some money for snacks, treats, and souvenirs.  Examples of available stuff include: 5 Boxwell caps @ $10 ea, 4 new T shirts, Blue Bell Ice Cream also in sugar free, Pretzels, Icee Bits, Frisbees, Discs for Disc Golf, Soft Drinks also in sugar free, bagged ice, and a large supply of Scoutcraft supplies.  I suggest $30 for the week, more if you want souvenirs.

For your convenience we will provide a Bank Lock Box and ration money to our Scouts as needed or directed.  Please send your Scout’s extra money in a named envelope to be collected at Gils.  Likewise for any medications or other special needs.

Tents on raised wooden decks, cots, and mattresses are provided.  Two Scouts to a tent.  Some of the tents have small tears or other leaks; duct tape for patching or a tarp to cover the tent is a good idea if it rains.  A light, warm weather sleeping bag, sheets or bedroll is needed.

We still need medical forms for Andrew, Christian, Brandon, Noah M, and Jordan.

New this year is Monday Night Madness including 9 hole Frisbee Golf and Dodge Ball Competition.  Contact Jimmy if you want to participate in Dodge Ball, we need a team to represent our Troop.

Getting to Boxwell

Boxwell Reservation is located 30 minutes east of Nashville on Highway 109 North. Simply take Exit 232B off of I-40 East and travel north approximately nine miles. Boxwell reservation is on your left. Surrounded by Old Hickory lake, Boxwell is part of scenic Wilson County. The wilderness setting is a great place to spend a week-long camping experience. Be prepared to see deer and wild animals up close!

Map to Camp Stahlman

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