Important Summer Camp Information

The troop is looking forward to an exciting time at Boxwell Reservation for summer camp during the week of June 8th through 13th.  This year, the troop is bringing a group of 27 scouts and 5 registered leaders to Camp Stahlman.  Due to an early check-in time, the troop will be gathering at Gilsville Family Center at 1:15 PM on Sunday to load up, handle any last minute details, and travel to Boxwell.  All scouts arriving at Gilsville should be in Class A uniforms.  If the scout needs to take the swim test at Boxwell, he should wear a swim suit under his uniform.

Map to Gilsville Family Center

Medical Forms Required

Each scout and adult leader attending Boxwell must have provided the troop with an up-to-date Class 2 or Class 3 Medical Form and a photocopy of their insurance card (front and back).  Anyone missing these items will not be allowed to stay at Boxwell.  Also, if a scout requires any special medication to be administered while at summer camp, a Medication Form needs to be filled out by the parent and the scout’s physician.  All of these forms can be found in the Summer Camp 2008 section of the Documentsmenu item.


Each scout should bring all of his gear (except items that will not fit, such as a fishing pole or camp chair) in a sturdy foot locker.  The locker should be secured with a combination or keyed padlock.  If using a keyed padlock, a second key must be provided to the leaders at Gilsville.  If using a combination lock, the combination needs to be provided in writing to the leaders.  Since the troop trailer is the only vehicle allowed to go the campsite on Sunday, it is important that all our gear fit into troop trailer.

A suggested packing list can be found in the Parent Information Sheet in the Summer Camp 2008 section of the Documentsmenu item.  Important items to not forget include sunscreen and bug spray, a canteen or cup for drinking, and a Class A uniform.  A camping chair for sitting in the camp site and at merit badge classes is recommended.  The weather forecast calls for scattered showers during the week.  Since some of the Boxwell tents leak, a good 10′ x 12′ tarp to help cover the tent, plus rope or bungees to tie it down, would also be good to bring.


Although parents can entrust their scouts directly with spending money for the week, the troop offers the service of a lockbox for securing and managing the scout’s money.  At Gilsville, money for the scout can be placed in an named envelope and stored in the troop lockbox.  Under a leader’s supervision, the scout can then withdrawal money from their envelope during free periods to spend at the trading post, and can deposit unused funds back in their envelope.  Items for which a scout might need cash include snacks from the trading post, collectable items such as T-shirts, merit badge tokens, or program tokens.

On-Site Fees

To participate in any class or activity with an extra cost involved, a scout will need to buy a “token” from the trading post. The token is turned in to the class instructor, who then provides the kit/ammo/whatever to be used in the class. Boxwell’s on-site prices for these merit badge classes and free-time activities are as follows:


Motor Boating Merit Badge – $18
Waterskiing MB – $18
Archery MB – $12
Shotgun MB – $16
Shotgun MB (practice, 25 birds) – $8.50
Rifle Shooting MB – $12
Space Exploration MB – $12 (rocket kit)
Basketry MB – $14 (two $7 basket kits)
Woodcarving MB – $4 per kit
Leatherwork MB – $8 per kit
Photography MB – must bring own camera, film, and money to process film


Recreational Motor Boating – $8
Recreational Water Skiing – $6
Recreational Shotgun (5 shots) – $1.25
Recreational Rifle (5 shots) – $0.25
Muzzle Loading – $8
Scoutmaster Shoot (25 birds) – $8.50

As you decide how much spending money to have at camp, please be sure to include the cost of tokens for any merit badge classes on your schedule, and/or any recreational activities you may want to try.

Pizza on Tuesday Night

On Tuesday night, parents are invited to come to Site 11 to enjoy pizza and drinks with the scouts while the leaders attend a special Scoutmaster’s dinner.  Of course, there is no such thing as a free meal, and by showing up, parents are volunteering to assist in keeping 27 scouts in line while the leaders enjoy a much deserved break!  The meal should begin around 5:00 PM.

Family Visits at Boxwell

Families can visit their scout at Boxwell during the week.  When arriving, families should sign in at the Cripple Crab (the stange looking building on the left at the end of the Boxwell drive).  If staying for a meal, a meal ticket must be purchased when signing in.  Prices for meal tickets: $4 – Breakfast, $5 – Lunch, $6 – Dinner.  NOTE: If coming up for pizza on Tuesday, do not buy a meal ticket.   The troop is providing the pizza, not Boxwell.  Family members should also check out at the Cripple Crab when leaving.

Departing on Friday Evening

Although summer camp officially ends on Saturday morning, Troop 422 (along with about half the troops) leaves summer camp on Friday evening after the evening campfire.  This campfire begins at sundown and typically ends around 8:30 PM.   If you come to Boxwell to pick up your scout on Friday, please remain through the campfire.  If you are not picking up your scout at Boxwell, you can expect your scout to be back at Gilsville around 9:30 PM.  We will use cell phones to alert parents when we are departing Boxwell.

Contacting a Troop Leader

For privacy reasons, contact information for leaders at Boxwell will be provided to parents at Gilsville on Sunday.

Getting to Boxwell

Boxwell Reservation is located 30 minutes east of Nashville on Highway 109 North. Simply take Exit 232B off of I-40 East and travel north approximately nine miles. Boxwell reservation is on your left. Surrounded by Old Hickory lake, Boxwell is part of scenic Wilson County. The wilderness setting is a great place to spend a week-long camping experience. Be prepared to see deer and wild animals up close!

Map to Camp Stahlman

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