Winter Camporee 2008 Photos

Nineteen scouts and five leaders of Troop 422 attended the Trail of Tears District Winter Camporee at Camp Tubb on the weekend of January 11 – 13, 2008.  The theme of the camporee was cooking, culminating in a cookoff competition between the troops and Explorer posts attending.  The scouts also attended various outdoor cooking training classes on Saturday morning and completed several of the requirements for the Cooking merit badge.

At the Saturday night campfire, awards were presented to the winners of the cooking competition.  In retrospect, it should have been no surprise that an Explorer post of young ladies would sweep the awards.  After the awards, the scouts presented skits.  Just before the campfire, the Owl Patrol of Woodbadge SR-796, including Scoutmaster Hodges, were presented their Woodbadge beads and scarves for successfully completing their Woodbadge tickets.  After the campfire, a flag retirement ceremony was held.

Below are photos taken by Asst. Scoutmaster Paris at the campout:

Link to Photos

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