A Report From Winter Camp 2007

Hi, I’m Jimmy. Winter Camp rocks. Well, actually it rained most of the first day and got really muddy, but it was still lots of fun. Remember Smurf? He lead the afternoon games; we played tug-o-war in the mud. Games were at the same time as the shooting stuff. Kevin, Alex, Zach, Dad and I learned to load and fire black powder muzzle loader rifles. They are hard to load but great fun to shoot. They don’t kick nearly as hard as the shotguns.

My sister Melissa got to help teach the Arts merit badges, she got a staff hat and got to hang out with the staff and everything.

Our mornings were for merit badges, a new one each day. Big green tents were set up everywhere for classes. Zach, Thomas and I took Orienteering the first day, and the rain noise on the big tent plus it was dark and dreary inside made it perfect for taking a nap. Just kidding, Dad.

Bradley was our SPL and he got to take neat merit badges for older Scouts like Metalwork and Woodwork. John took all the Arts badges so he had classes in the Cub World dining hall. Alex took all Electrical badges like Electricity and Energy. Four of us took Electronics.

Every night we had our own campfire and two nights we went to the big campfire for skits and fun. The trading post had someone grilling burgers and hotdogs nearly all the time; they even grilled for us at movie night and during the Pow Wow. Playing cards at the Trading Post was Alex’s favorite thing. Hot chocolate was available all the time. Popcorn and bug juice was served at the movie.

Did you know that at a Pow Wow you should always enter the dance arena from the East and circle slowly clockwise as you dance to show respect for Indian customs?

Remember the rope swing at site 11? We played on that every day. No broken bones were reported.

We got Smoky the Bear hats, the Baden-Powell Award, for participating in nearly everything.

I can’t wait til next year.

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