Pack 842 Joins Troop for Buffalo River Float

The cubs and parents of Pack 842 joined the troop for an exciting weekend of camping and canoeing on the Buffalo River on August 24-26th, 2007. Camping at Grimes Canoe Reservation outside of Linden, Tennessee, the scouts left out on Saturday morning for a leisurely seven mile float down the river, stopping often for relaxing swims to cool off in the 95 degree weather. Twenty-four canoes and one kayak were floated, making for a very large group on the river (and a few traffic jams in some of the trickier bends in the river). Although the river was down over a foot from the drought, there were only a few spots where the canoes had to be pushed over shallow water.

That night, from the shelter of the base trading post, the group was treated to a thrilling fireworks show put on by nature, as a severe thunderstorm moved through just south of the campsite. Pictures from the trip can be found below.

Photo Album


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