Scouts Visit Air Force Museum

On an extended campout July 12 – 15, 2007, the troop paid a visit to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH.  During the four day campout, the scouts stayed at the Scout Campground on Wright Patterson Air Force Base, camping close to the flight line and marvelling at the gigantic military cargo planes flying in and out of the base.  While setting up their campsite Thursday evening, the scouts were often buzzed by the low overhead approach of a pilot practicing “touch-and-go’s” in a C-5 Galaxy cargo plane, the largest American military transport and the third largest aircraft in the world.

Friday morning after breakfast, the troop left the air base to visit the nearby Air Force Museum.  Here the scouts were able to view firsthand military aircraft from over one hundred years of flight, from early Wright Brothers bi-planes to a modern B-2 Spiritbomber and F-22 Raptor fighter plane.  After a late lunch back at camp, the scouts were able to cool down at the base swimming pool before a night of bowling at the base lanes and a late supper.

Saturday the troop travelled to special hangers on the Air Force base to view a collection of planes used by American presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Bill Clinton, including the famous Boeing 707 SAM 26000 used by President Kennedy, made famous as the aircraft where Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president after Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas.  Nearby, a hanger of experimental aircraft contained some of the most unusual planes the scouts had ever seen, including experimental stealth bombers and, towering over all the other craft, the only remaining XB-70 Valkyrie experimental bomber.

After a picnic lunch at the Museum and an afternoon finishing the visit, the scouts had an early dinner of lasagna and took in a movie at a local movie theatre, then back to the campsite for a treat of bananas on vanilla wafers and pudding.  Sunday morning the scouts arose early to strike their tents before an expected rain shower, then quickly ate breakfast, struck camp, policed the area, and participated in a devotional before heading out for the long six hour drive home.

In all, eighteen scouts and fourteen adults and siblings participated in the extended campout.  Below are photos from the trip.

Photo Album

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