Scouts Camp at Savage Falls

On the weekend of May 5th and 6th, 2007, the scouts of Troop 422 backpacked at Savage Falls in Savage Gulf in the South Cumberland Recreation Area. Leaving the Savage Gulf Ranger Station early Saturday morning, the troop hiked in 1.6 miles to the group campsite at the Savage Falls camping area. After setting up camp and a quick lunch, the scouts broke into groups, by patrol, to explore the area and work on badge requirements. The main attraction was the spectacular Savage Falls and pool below the campsite. The scouts spent much of the afternoon there, both exploring the falls and filtering water for canteens. Some of the patrols hiked sections of the South Rim trail, while others explored the North Rim and Day Loop trails.

After dinner, the scouts entertained each other at a campfire with skits and jokes, then enjoyed free time before a well earned “lights out”. On Sunday morning, camp was struck quickly. After a short devotional lead by Chaplain’s Aide Justin, the troop hiked back to the Ranger’s Station for the trip back to Smyrna.

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