Info for May Campout to Savage Gulf

This will be a one night backpacking trip.  On Saturday, we will meet at Gilsville at 6 AM to travel to Savage Gulf.  After we arrive, we will enter Savage Gulf from the east at the Savage Ranger Station, hiking in 1.6 miles on the Savage Day Loop/South Rim trails to the Savage Falls campsite.  After setting up camp and a light lunch, the scouts will explore the Falls, the South Rim trail, and possibly the North Rim trail.  Sunday morning, the entire group will hike back from Savage Falls to the parking lot.

In case of emergency, contact the Savage Gulf Ranger Station at 931-779-3532 or the Stone Door Ranger Station at 931-692-3887. 
Directions to Savage Gulf Ranger Station
Map to Savage Gulf Ranger Station

Cooking will be by individuals.  Participants should bring food for Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast.  Stoves for boiling water will be available.

Scouts without backpacking gear may be able to borrow or rent the necessary gear for this activity.

Download park maps and get more information here


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