Scouts Help Build Handicap Ramp

On Saturday, February 3, 2007, the scouts, leaders, and parents of Troop 422 assisted in the construction of a wheelchair ramp for a disabled gentleman in Murfreesboro.

The elderly gentleman and his wife live in a rental home. He has numerous health issues, including cardiac problems. He frequently falls when standing, most recently resulting in two ankle fractures which cannot be casted due to blood clots in his legs. Confined to a wheelchair, he is unable to easily enter or leave the house without a working ramp. A relative began constructing a ramp, but was unable to complete it.

The project, lead by the Saturday Saints of Smyrna Church of Christ, was to tear down the incomplete wheelchair ramp and replace it with a new ramp, reusing as much of the existing material as possible. Joining the Saints at 8:30 AM, the scouts pitched in with dismantling the old ramp, removing nails, and sorting out the usable boards. They then assisted as the new ramp was constructed. By 2 PM, construction of the new ramp was completed.

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