Court of Honor, August 31st

August 31st is Court of Honor.

This meeting will start promptly at 6:45.

Please try to arrive by 6:30.


All scouts need to wear full Class A uniform (necker chief, pants, class A shirt, merit badge sash (optional))).


This time the theme for food will be finger foods. That includes foods such as, pigs in a blanket, pinwheels, finger sandwiches, etc.

Dragons and Phantoms are assigned to bring food.

Predators are assigned drinks and will be cleaning up afterwards.

Cobras are assigned desserts.

All scouts and families of scouts are welcome.

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Service Hours Opportunity

Sergeant Mosher has offered an opportunity for all scouts to earn service hours.

The work will be done at the Smyrna National Guard Base.

Duties will including of some light cleaning such as, sweeping, shredding paper and other various chores around the base.

Contact Sergeant Mosher at 615-417-6269 to make arrangements.

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August 24th is Popcorn Kickoff

This will be our popcorn sales kickoff for this year. Parents are encouraged to attend this meeting to get information regarding popcorn and show and sells.

Selling popcorn is an excellent way for you scout to earn money to be put in their scout accounts.  It can help pay for events such as, Winter Camp, Summer Camp, Ocoee Rafting.

More information will be provided at the meeting.

This is a REGULAR scout meeting, we will be meeting at the same place at the same time as always.

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Brandon Fisher Eagle Project: Part 2

Brandon Fisher will be having the second part of his eagle project on August 22nd.  It will start at 8:30am and will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Smyrna.

He appreciates anyone who can come out and help, and would like if people could bring pitchforks and wheelbarrows.

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Brandon Fisher Eagle Project, this coming weekend!

Please help support our fellow Scout Brandon Fisher on Saturday August 1st, at the Church starting at 9am.   He is building an outdoor fellowship gathering area for students at the church.  We need volunteers to provide labor, weed eaters, shovels and some pickups to haul benches, mortar and mulch.  This will run till about noon and lunch will be provided.  If you have any questions please contact Brandon at 615-967-4774

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Boxwell Summer Camp Photos

Check out the great photos from Summer Camp!  Looks like they had an awesome time!

Many thanks to Jeff T, Patrick B, and Donna T for sharing their photos.


Find more photos, of many Troop events, in the “photo gallery” on the toolbar.

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Troop Fundraiser info, PLEASE READ!

n Monday 5/11 we will kick off a short fundraising campaign to benefit our troop.  All proceeds will go towards the general fund to pay for things such as trailer maintenance and supplies.  The committee has determined that each scout will be to responsible to contribute $30.00 toward the general fund.   Every Scout will be issued 3 Sonic Drive-in discount cards to sell.  There are two options available to to cover the $30.00 contribution. 
Option #1.  Discount cards can be sold for $10.00 and have over $30.00 worth of discounts at local Sonic Drive-Ins.  All scouts will receive 3 cards at the May 11th meeting or by appointment during the week of the 11th. Cards will need to be sold ASAP and money turned in no later than June 1(there is no meeting on May 25th due to Memorial Day)  Please see Mrs Kape to get cards at meeting or make appt by emailing or call/text 602-616-4163. Parents may chose to simply pay for cards at any time no later than June 1st and use the cards as you wish.  
Option #2. Funds may be deducted from your scout account if you have an available balance equal or greater than $30.00.  If you wish to use this option, please contact Mrs Alford to let her know no later than June 1.  
Please note,since other fundraisers, such as popcorn and camp cards, raise funds that are deposited into the scout accounts and the troop does not have income from these activities.  Last year our troop raised money for the general fund by participating in the air show which will not take place this year.  We need every scout to participate in this effort to provide for the general troop account.  If you are unable to meet this requirement through one of these 2 options, please speak with Mr Nodine, Mr Vaughn, Mr King, Mrs Degennaro, Mrs Alford or Mrs Kape.
Also,  we have 200 Sonic discount cards available which is enough for each scout to take 3 cards to sell.  We anticipate having a few cards left over and will make these avail for new incoming scouts to use for raising funds for their scout account.  They will be available May 18th and only after the initial three cards have been paid for. 
Please plan to be at the meeting this coming Monday to pick up our Sonic cards.  THANK YOU!
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