Easy Dutch Over Meal Yuuuuummmmm….

Saw this cool quick video from Troop 32 in Springfield Massachusetts, how about making this at Winter Camp ?

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February 7th MBU in Murfreesboro

The 2015 Troop 197 MBU sign up is now available that will be at Fellowship United Methodist Church  in Murfreesboro on February the 7th. I believe we will qualify for the discounted rate and the cost will be $20.00 per scout and that would include lunch.

Please take a look and let me know ASAP what classes anyone would be interested in attending. Please give me a 1st and 2nd    choices.   I would like to submit starting Monday 12/1. This is popular MBU and it will fill up quick..

Here is the link to the Troop 197 website if anyone wants to look at any additional information.         http://www.bsatroop197.com/mbu/

Mark Sudbury

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Skymount camp out this weekend!

Scouts & parents, it’s going to be COLD on this campout.  Ben B. will have an email going out by tomorrow with more details.

PLEASE be sure you have proper cold weather gear, stocking hat, gloves, warm socks, boots, jackets, sweat shirts etc….  Think layers!  Hand warmers for your sleeping bag at night and a COLD WEATHER RATED Sleeping bag, 0-20 degrees would be ideal.  You can find all this gear at Walmart, Academy, Dicks Sporting Goods etc…

You can also add a fleece blanket to your sleeping bag for extra warmth.  And a mat or cot to be off the cold ground helps too.

Be sure your Scout knows he’ll need to change to clean dry clothes every night for sleeping, wearing clothes worn during the day will have sweat trapped in them and you will be COLD COLD COLD.

We’re going to have a great time, remember, a Scout is always prepared!

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11/10/2014 Flag Retirement Ceremony

Troop 422 and numerous Cub Scout packs too part in a Flag retirement ceremony tonight. The Scouts showed great respect and reverence during this important event.  We’re all very  proud of them.

IMG_7936 IMG_7946 IMG_7957

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Outdoor Essentials

Good article about being prepared outdoors.


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Next MBU Feb 28, 2015

MTSU will be hosting an MBU on February 28, 2015 on MTSU campus. http://mtweb.mtsu.edu/mtsumbu/

Registration is now open!  Cost is $15 which includes a patch and lunch on campus (have choices of burgers, 2 different entrees, usually a specialty line, salads, a variety of drinks and desserts, and a very popular ice cream bar). Scouts must be First Class or at least age 13 or by the date of the MBU to attend.

Classes include:  Aviation, Chemistry, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communication, Digital Technology, Electricity & Electronics, Emergency Prep, Engineering, Environmental Science, Geocaching, Geology, Landscape Architecture, Law, Personal Management, swimming & weather  It’s a good way to get some of the not-so-popular Eagle required merit badges done in one day.

The boys get to pick ONE merit badge for the day (except for Electricity & Electronics which are taught together).  Some do have pre-requisites.

Classes are below, click the link, and it shows pre-requisites required. Please let me know your 1st,2nd 3rd choice etc. ASAP, they fill up FAST, first come first serve. Two adults will be required to attend to fulfill the two deep adult leadership role

Additionally they will have an SM/ASM training, a Red Cross first aid and CPR training, and an adult program.  The adults pay the same $15 fee.  For this year ONLY, there is no cost for an adult to take the Red Cross certification if you bring your troop to the regular MBU program (this is a savings of $40).

I will need to turn this in after our meeting on December 1st t. Please send me an email ASAP if you are interested or have any questions.  Mark.Sudbury@northstarstudios.tv
MTSU MBU Feb 28 2015

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Poppy Sales Sign up!!! WE NEED YOU!!

THIS Saturday, November 8th, we will be conducting our Annual Poppy Sale, at the request of our charter organization, the Smyrna VFW.   Our troop will be handing out poppies for people to wear and collecting donations for the Smyrna VFW (10157 Old Nashville Hwy, Smyrna, TN 37167).   This money is used to support Veterans and their families in our community.

This is very important for as many of our Scouts and also parents to participate, as we will need to keep Scout two-deep leadership.

Not only will this show our support of our chartering organization, and for our Veterans, but it will also be recorded as community service hours for the Scouts.

On Saturday Nov 8th please plan to arrive at the Smyrna VFW by 12 noon to be assigned a sale location.  Sale time is from 1-4pm.  An adult from each location needs to return to the VFW with the money at the end of the day.  Wear your Class A uniform.

Confirmed locations are:  Smyrna Kroger (Sam Ridley), Smyrna Lowe’s (Sam Ridley), Tractor Supply (Triune), and WalMart (Old Fort Parkway – Murfreesboro), Tractor Supply (Smyrna).

Contact dawnb93@gmail.com to sign up!

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