All.  Monday, tomorrow, April 27th two things are due

1. Final Grimes canoe trip sign up, if you are going you MUST sign up tomorrow.  Any questions email your SPL

2.  T-Shirt ordering, Monday is the final day to order T-shirts, we have to order on Tuesday to get them in time for summer camp.  Get your order in now, questions?  Email 

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Grimes Canoe trip

All the signup deadline for the Grimes Canoe camp out is Monday April 27th.   As a reminder, we will leave the church on May 1 by 6pm and return May 3rd around noon.  

Please sign up by Monday April 27th if you’d like to go.  Any questions please contact your SPL Benjamin B.

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It’s T-Shirt order time!!!

Howdy folks, it’s T-Shirt order time!  We have a short deadline on this so we can have the new shirts by Summer Camp.  So, the form is attached, pretty straightforward, the deadline is APRIL 27th, and payment is due with the form.  Any questions contact Dawn B, her info is on the form.  Thanks! Click here for the form: ClassBorderform

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Merit Badge “how to” info

Hi, we have lots of new Scouts crossing over so I thought we should post a simple “how to” document that shows the steps for starting and completing a merit badge.  Check it out, print it and follow the simple step by step.
Click here: How to start a Merit Badge

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Court of Honor Monday!

Don’t  forget, we have Court of Honor Monday night, starts at 6:30pm.  Food and beverages will be provided.  Contact

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Guess what time it is? It’s Grimes Time!!! Let’s go Canoeing!

May 1-3 we are going to the Grimes Canoe Base in Linden TN,

This is one of the funnest trips we do all year long.  Grimes is a big tradition for the Troop and we’re looking forward to a big turnout.  We’ll be discussing details soon.  The basic info is as follows.

-Friday May 1 @ 5:30 and depart by 6pm.  It’s a 2 hour drive to get there
-Saturday we Canoe all day long :)
-Sunday return to the Church around noon, exact time will be determined
-Signups will be at the next meeting, you can also email (your SPL) and let him know.

Click HERE to see some past trip pictures
Let’s go Canoeing!

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Help our Church, 4/18 @ 8am

All, our Church needs our help.  They have a storage shed that needs to be cleaned out and we need some help on 4/18 @ 8am.  We should be able to get this done in about an hour to 90 minutes so PLEASE come help.  The Church us very good to us and we need to show respect and help them with this simple task.  Please contact Ben B. SPL to let him know you are going to be helping.


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